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                            EYES OF REALITY

                                                                  by Deborah Harris

      Loneliness will chill the very soul

          While worry makes the one grow old

          Hurt brings forth such pain

          Too much thinking will make you insane

           Popularity and recognition warrant fame

          Alcohol and drugs will destroy the brain

          Obesity caused by overeating

          Wounds from weapons create bleeding

          Unattended children without control

          Vicious vipers prey on the old

          Sad times of death we all have met

          Freeloaders taking people for what they can get

         The sacred vow of husband and wife

         It's scary to bring children into this life

          Poor man ruined by nasty rumors

         As we excuse the rich in their slanderous maneuvers

         We all turn heads for that brighter day

         Check yourself now, we're not here to stay






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